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The Driscoll's Australia Partnership is a partnership between Costa and Driscoll's Strawberry Associates, Inc (USA). Costa markets its berries in Australia and New Zealand through the Driscoll's Australia Partnership, which also manages production and planning and category management as well as conducting R&D in breeding and varietal development.

Leading the way in berry genetics

Driscoll's is a world leader in marketing berries recognised for their superior eating quality- a true consumer branded offering based on quality. Also a world leader in category management and production planning, the company's R&D and breeding programs develop the world's best varieties of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Costa's own blueberry genetics are marketed through Driscoll's throughout the USA and we value this partnership highly.

In Australia, Driscoll's is developing unique category management programs. Berry Patch is Driscoll Australia's dedicated category management program that aims to provide 52 week supply of every berry at the best quality to Australian customers and consumers.



Driscoll's Australia is a genetics and sales and marketing business, providing plants to Australian growers and marketing berries to supermarket chains, wholesale markets, independent grocers and other food industry buyers throughout the country.



Driscoll's Australia seeks to innovate in all areas of berry growth including:

  • Production planning
  • Production techniques
  • Varietal development
  • Increasing supply to 52 weeks
  • Quality of fruit
  • Post harvest practice
  • Category management

Growing regions

Driscoll's Australia's growers are located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. Different regions and growing climates are used in order to achieve 52 week supply to our customers, meaning Australian consumers can enjoy premium quality berries all year round.

Located in Queensland, Driscoll's Australia's tissue culture lab operates to provide superior plant stock into the nursery and the R&D program is also administered from this site.

The Driscoll's Australia Partnership seeks to add value to all partners and growers with whom it works. The partnership has access to Driscoll's knowledge and expertise gained from so many years of success in the USA. Growers can benefit from this expertise through Driscoll's Australia's field support, agronomy and post harvest support services for growers, as well as the partnership's category management and production planning expertise.

Driscoll's Australia is focussed on developing and strengthening relationships with its external grower base. There is a strong focus on professional development and cultural exchange, with the partnership having access both to local and international personnel.

Driscoll's Australia shares Costa's emphasis on valuing people, and commitments to excellence and to working with passion, integrity and respect.

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