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Costa is the largest grower and pre-packer of mushrooms in Australia. We work closely with our customers to respond to market demand and to ensure that the consumer has access to fresh, premium mushrooms, packaged appropriately for both quality and environmentally sustainable practice.

Production facts

  • 500 tonnes of mushrooms grown per week
  • Farms in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia
  • Australia's largest supplier of pre-packed mushrooms
  • 52 week production and supply to customers
  • Supplies all capital cities within 24 hours of harvest
  • Ongoing R&D into pre-packaging, storage and shelf life
  • 5 Substrate (composting) facilities producing a growing medium for our farms
  • Manufacture, distribution and wholesale of Mushroom Spawn (Seed)

We are the largest producer of Portobello variety within the Australian market place and have recently introduced a new strain. This popular mushroom now holds a firm place as a favourite in the food industry and for the consumer at home.

Costa values its role as pioneers in the pre-packaging of mushrooms and continues to work towards innovations that meet the needs of customers and consumers.

Growing regions

Mushrooms are grown in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Our farming enterprise at Mernda Victoria is the largest mushroom farm in the Southern Hemisphere.

We are closely involved in the communities which surround our farms supporting local sporting teams, schools, emergency services and community groups.

Costa's mushroom category employs between 1,000 — 1,200 people across all of our facilities.

Selection and storage

Mushroom harvest is managed under strict quality assurance guidelines ensuring fresh, premium quality mushrooms are delivered to our customers.

The pre-packaging of mushrooms in Australia is a Costa innovation. Mushroom varieties available in pre-pack are Button, Cup and Field Style and for added convenience, pre-sliced mushrooms and Mushroom Meals packs.


Our mushrooms are delivered daily to all capital cities within 24 hours of harvest.

Alliance Partner

Costa enjoys a valued alliance partnership with Monterey Mushrooms. This international, vertically integrated fresh mushroom company values quality production, customer and consumer service. Our shared values of passion and excellence make this a rewarding [partnership] that benefits Costa customers and consumers. Learn more here about Monterey Mushrooms

Amycel Spawn Manufacturer and Supplier of Spawn (Seed)

Costa mushrooms operates a state of the art laboratory focused on R&D and varietal development of mushrooms. This facility is not only involved in the manufacture of spawn but has an ongoing focus on varietal development, improvement and innovation. We employ high quality technical people with extensive industry experience in this facility located at Mernda.

In agreement with Amycel USA, Costa manufactures and markets spawn (seed) in the Australian market available for sale to other mushroom growers.



Growing methods

Mushroom growth begins with the development of a food source (substrate). Once this is ready it is transferred to growing facilities and placed in pasteurisation rooms for 7 days.
Mushroom spawn (seed) is planted into the substrate and a root system
develops over the next 14 days. At the end of this phase a water holding medium (casing layer) is placed on top of the substrate.This is then transferred to the growing rooms.

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